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We can give you an insider’s grasp of the upcoming changes in the industry. We’ll keep you ahead of the game and address tomorrow’s business needs today, saving you time and money.

The energy market is always changing, more so in recent years than ever before, which is why it’s so important to understand future developments and how these relate to your business.

Our full-service consultancy gives you all the tools and advice to make the right decision for your business as well as keep on top of the latest changes within the market that might affect you.

As an energy consultancy, we have the knowledge and expertise to be able to provide the best deals when it comes to new contracts too. As part of our service, we will also help you with paperwork, contracts, negotiating with suppliers and anything else surrounding your business and its energy needs.

If necessary, we will also cover all your metering needs including the installation of electricity and gas meters.

This bespoke service is completely tailored to you and the level of management you wish to pass over to us. One day we might be liaising with an energy company over pipe work outside your offices, the next we might be giving advice on how to bring your business in line with the latest legislation.

Our consultancy services include:

– Liaising with contractors regarding pipe work
– Installing gas and electricity meters
– Contract negotiations
– Advising on contracts
– Answering all queries relating to your business’ energy needs
– Energy reviews
– Delivery and implementation of new contracts, supplier relationships, and associated projects


We’re happy to audit your energy bills to find where you could save money as part of a no obligation chat, just get in touch.